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Accounting support for businesses
TaxProtection - Kasimatis Stylianos - Accounting Office - Santorini


Welcome to the TAX PROTECTION company, the specialized center for providing Accounting and Consulting Services for the organization of your business!

At TAX PROTECTION, we attach great importance to providing advanced services that allow you to manage your accounting books efficiently and accurately. Through the use of modern methods of management, monitoring and information, we are at the forefront of tax developments, providing our clients with a reliable and high level of service.

At TAX PROTECTION, customer service is a priority. We work diligently and professionally, seeking to provide high-quality services that inspire confidence and security in every client who entrusts their business to us.


Our services include:

  1. Accounting Services: Our experienced accountants are here to help you manage and monitor your financial activities. We undertake the recording of transactions, the preparation of financial statements, as well as the preparation of tax returns, providing clarity and flexibility for sound decision-making.
  2. Consulting Services: We understand that every business has its unique needs. That's why we provide personalized advice and strategies tailored to the needs and goals of your own business. With the support of our team, you will have an ally by your side to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

If you are looking for specialized accounting and consulting services to help your business meet its tax and financial requirements, then we are the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals. We are here for you, ready to take care of your accounting needs and provide you with expert support.



At TAX PROTECTION, we provide full accounting support covering a wide range of corporate structures, including sole proprietorships (B and C category), Organized Corporate Forms such as OE, EE, IKE, EPE, as well as unions and associations.

Our services include:

  1. Keeping and Updating Accounting Books: We undertake the collection, recording and management of all your accounting information, including B and C category books for sole proprietorships and organized corporate forms.
  2. Financial Obligation Monitoring: We monitor the completion of all your financial obligations throughout the entire financial year, helping you stay compliant and avoid potential problems.
  3. Submission of VAT and other Declarations: We undertake the submission of quarterly VAT returns, consolidated customer-supplier statements (CSUs), as well as intra-community acquisitions-deliveries, ensuring validity and timely submission.
  4. Drafting of Financial Statements: We oversee the full drafting of your Financial Statements and balance sheets, providing clarity and accuracy to your financial data.
  5. Fixed Assets and Depreciation Register Monitoring: We help manage and track your fixed assets and depreciation register, ensuring that all objective values of your assets are up to date.

With TAX PROTECTION, you can trust that your accounting and tax management is in good hands. Contact us to discuss your business needs and how we can support you to achieve your business goals.