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Tax services for citizens
TaxProtection - Kasimatis Stylianos - Accounting Office - Santorini


At TAX PROTECTION, we handle all your tax returns and advise on tax matters, offering comprehensive services that meet your needs:

  • Tax Returns: We prepare and submit income tax returns for individuals (E1), as well as for those who collect rents (E2). We ensure the correct submission of your returns to reduce your tax burden.
  • Real Estate Declaration and ENFIA: We provide assistance in completing the real estate declaration (E9), calculate the ENFIA tax and undertake the changes of your properties.
  • Tax Advice: We provide you with advice on covering evidence and preparing your tax return to ensure the smooth flow of tax procedures.
  • Amending-Supplementary Tax Returns: We undertake the preparation of amending or supplementary tax returns of past years, to correct any omissions or inaccuracies.
  • Tax Representation of Foreign Residents: We provide tax representation services for foreign residents who have financial activities in Greece.
  • Drafting of a Private Agreement: We help you draft private agreements for any need you need.
  • Assignment of Leases to the Greek State: We undertake the submission of an asset statement form regarding the assignment of leases (uncollected rental income) to the Greek State.
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculation: We provide you with services for the calculation of capital gains tax in cases of real estate sales.

TAXIS data printouts: We take care of TAXIS data printouts, such as income tax returns, settlement notes, payment ID etc.
Entrust your tax affairs to us and let us help you take advantage of every possibility to minimize your tax burden and avoid problems with the tax authorities.





Take advantage of the powerful role of the internet in your daily conveniences, saving valuable time and simplifying the processes related to your daily life. At TAX PROTECTION we undertake the full processing of the following procedures:

  • Submission and Amendment of Lease Agreement.
  • Settlement of Certified Debts to tax authorities, IKA and insurance funds.
  • Submission of Form A21 for granting family allowances.
  • Information on the amount of tax debts.
  • Application for heating oil allowance.
  • Declaration of a unique unencumbered bank account.
  • View insurance CV and official documents through ATLAS and IKA.
  • Issuance of proof of tax awareness.
  • Application for social solidarity income (KEA).
  • Change address details.
  • Electronic authorization for customs.
  • Renewal of unemployment card.
  • Applications for benefits and jobs at the OAED.
  • Issuance of road charges.
  • Print an electronic receipt.
  • Printing of annual and monthly salary statements of pensioners of all funds.
  • Application for the student allowance.
  • Printing of settlement and tax statements.
  • Issuance of birth certificates, marital status, etc.

Ensure immediate access and excellent processing of all the above cases through the electronic platform of public services with the help of our company. Contact us to help you every step of the way and save valuable time and effort.