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Starting a sole proprietorship
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TAX PROTECTION is an innovative company specializing in the provision of accounting and consulting services, focusing in particular on supporting new entrepreneurs when starting their own business. We are dedicated to helping our clients develop a successful and sustainable business by providing them with the best solutions to suit their needs and ambitions.

At TAX PROTECTION, your personal success is our success. We are dedicated to providing high quality service and building long-term relationships with our customers. We aim to be the trusted and recognizable name that comes to mind when you need accounting and consulting services.

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Starting a sole proprietorship can be done completely online. The duration of this process depends mainly on the Public Economic Service (PSO), provided that the tax office corresponding to the company's headquarters is organized. The process can be completed in a period ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Every business must be registered in the General Commercial Register (GEMI), which is managed by one of the chambers (e.g. Professional, Commercial, Industrial, Industrial, Financial, Technical) or the associations (e.g. Legal, Medical) , depending on the category of activity he wants to declare as a new freelancer candidate.

During the GEMI registration process, you can register and register your company's distinctive title.

Registration in GEMI is carried out through remote communication, either by email or by phone, with the corresponding department of the chamber based in your city (e.g. Professional, Commercial, Industrial, Technical, etc.), after you have started your work and have activate your tax number at DOU.




It's time to prepare the electronic file for the tax office, as after the Covid-19 pandemic, the process of starting a business is carried out exclusively online!

In case you need more clarification, you can contact the competent tax office for the region in which your business will be based. It is worth noting that the initiation process at the Directorate of Financial Services (DOU) may differ from tax office to tax office, and you may receive different answers about how some matters are handled.

In terms of business start-up costs, no capital is required when setting up a sole proprietorship, and there are no fees or registration fees with the DOU.

There are two ways to start a business:

The first way - Through online requests: The most modern method of starting a business is to submit all the necessary documents through the taxis system, in the "My Requests" category. Almost all taxes have been integrated into this system.
The second way - By physical file: After a scheduled appointment with the DOU, the start of the business can be done in person. In this case, you print all supporting documents and submit them in a physical folder to the DOU. As entry to the tax office is only allowed for serious reasons, you usually leave the file with the DOU receptionist, who will hand it over first to the protocol and then to the register. (This is possible only in exceptional cases.)





ax domicile and proof of domicile:

The company must mandatorily designate a location as a tax headquarters.

In service activities, you can have your home as your tax residence. However, if you wish to engage in trade or other activities, unfortunately you are not allowed to use your home as a tax residence.

For proof of residence, there are the following options:

  • Property ownership: If you own the property, submit a copy of the E9 (proof of ownership).
  • Lease of business premises: If you lease a business premises, you need an electronic business lease contract, with electronic acceptance by the entrepreneur.
  • Free allocation of seat: If the seat is allocated free of charge, a responsible statement from a first-degree relative stating the free allocation of space is required, as well as a copy of the E9 of the space.
  • Lease of the home: If the home will be your home and it is rented, you need either an affidavit with an original signature from the owner, or an amendment to the travel lease stating the commission to use a space in the home for business purposes.